2009 – Annual Outing – Holy Fair, Mauchline


Our annual outing this year was to The Holy Fair in Mauchline where club members were delighted to see the world’s biggest haggis being cooked.

The Haggis was donated by Greenock butcher McKechnie Jess.

It took 4 days to prepare and weighed 1234lbs (88stone). It contained 500 lbs offal 250 lbs oatmeal 150 lbs suet, onions spices and water.

The Haggis was sewn into 9 Ox Stomachs and took 2 days to cook.

The whole process was documented and sent to be verified with the Guinness world Rocords.

Verification arrived a while later.

It was officially The Biggest Haggis In The World.


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