2012 – November “Bothy Night”

The President, Iain Skene welcomed all members and guests to the “Bothy Night”.

He then introduced members of the Great Scot Theatre Group, who performed a new innovative piece of theatre – “Love and Memories”, which focuses on some of the women Robert Burn’s life and how they shaped him and his work.

The piece was written and performed by the group, who were 2012 BA Honours Graduates of Reid Kerr College.

Gordon Macnaughton – William McEwan (Journalist & Narrator)

Lyndsey Ferguson – Peggy Chalmers

Susan Massie – Nancy McLehose

Sarah-Jane Downs – Jean Armour

David Grant – Musician





As can be seen by the photo, this piece was in period costume.

William McEwan held his audience as he interviewed Peggy Chalmers, Nancy McLehose and Jean Armour. Each told their story with passion and more than enough emotion, accompanying their performances by reading letters from the bard or reciting verse and excellent singing. All this was accompanied by tasteful music in the background, played by David Grant.

An overall excellent performance!

After a short interlude, the evening continued with members and guests expertly entertaining us with their own choice of poetry and song.

The evening was drawn to a close by the President, Iain Skene thanking all who contributed to the evening, with special mention to The Great Scot Theatre Company for a well written and expertly performed piece, which is sure to be very popular with Burns enthusiasts.

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