2013 – Coffee Morning

20131019 Coffee Morning Cake

The Annual Coffee Morning was held on Saturday 19th October, 2013 at the Greenock town Hall and was a great success with a good crowd of member and friends attending.

Thanks go to Mrs Christine MacLeod (Junior Vice-President) and her band of volunteers making the event a success by their hard work in the preparation an running of the event.

20131019 Coffee Morning Cake

A special thanks go to Aulds Bakery who again donated the commemorative cake which was raffled on the day.





This years cake was on the them of Highland Mary.

The poem was composed by Iain Mills and is from his book “Clydescapes – Inverclyde in Verse and Image”.

Heilan Mary

She’s driftin in an oot o sleep,

Beside the bed, her brither weeps,

He watches death’s relentless creep

Upon her broo:

Pale finger touch her burning cheek

It’s ower noo.

Her fevered mind won’t gie her rest,

She see’s a ship, a voyage west,

The passion burnin in her breast

Oh, such is bliss!

An savour wi her final breath

His last fond kiss.

Her life afore her

Or so it seemed, the Indies

Wi her bonnie Rab.

The photograph was taken by Mrs Gail Brown and to Billy McCready (Senior Vice-President) for his constant piping outside the Town Hall to welcome visitors.


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