2015 – Obituary – Dr. Harry McGilp

19Dr. Harry McGilp passed away in Inverclyde Royal Hospital on Friday 4th September, 2015.

His funeral was held at the Lyle kirk, Greenock on Saturday 12 September, 2015. It was very well attended by members.

Harry was a member of the Mother Club for many years and served as our President in 1978.

He was also a Past President of the Renfrewshire Association of Burns Clubs and was a well know member of the Robert Burns World Federation.

Harry was still a regular at the Club meetings and attended the Annual Celebration on 25th January this year.

He made a great contribution to the Club and the Burns movement, being very supportive of the decision taken many years ago to allow women to become members of the Mother Club.

He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

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