Dear friends and fellow Burns enthusiasts,

I am proud and honoured to take on the role of President for 2013 - 2014.

I am well aware that I am following in the footsteps of many distinguished Presidents and I will do my utmost to carry on the traditions of the Mother Club.

We are a small club with a huge reputation both in Scotland and further afield.

Our aim is to foster an interest in Robert Burns life and work .

We try to encourage a love of Burns songs and poems in the young people of Inverclyde. This has been carried out for many years through the schools competition and by teachers in our local schools. I hope to continue this during my year in office.

Pupils are by nature enthusiastic about Burns songs and poems while they are in school. We may lose many of them when they leave and become involved in work and further education. However, I believe some of the interest remains and hopefully we can get them back later in life to join our membership.

In many ways this Club is very traditional (which is good) and of course our interest in Robert Burns necessitates looking back in time. However, we must also look forward, move with the times, make Burns relevant in the 21st century. As one young man at last year’s Schools Burns Supper said, "If Burns were alive today and on Facebook he wouldn’t have friends but auld aquaintances."

Let’s not forget auld aquaintances but also embrace and encourage new ones.

I extend fraternal greetings to all of you. I hope to meet many of you during my year in office.

Maureen Armstrong
Greenock Burns Club
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