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Instituted 1801
2011 Greenock Burns Club
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Site Updated: 10 June, 2015
Friends and fellow Burnsians,

As President of The Greenock Burns Club (The Mother Club) for the year 2015-16, I send you my best wishes and wish you success in all that you are involved in.

In my year as President I hope to carry on as others have done before me in encouraging our young people to understand and come to love the words and works of Robert Burns.

We in Greenock are enjoying a wonderful influx of tourists from the many cruise ships which call into our Port.   Many of the visitors make their way to the former Old West Kirk where there is a small display dedicated to Highland Mary which has attracted huge interest.  

Leaflets and memorabilia are distributed and these hopefully will make their way to many parts of the world and remind our visitors of their visit to Greenock and its wonderful history.

Through our website it is my hope that a closer bond will be forged between friends throughout the world and we continue to share the words and love which our National Bard entrusted to us.

We extend our hand in friendship and offer you our sincerest  hospitality should you have the opportunity to visit our area.

Yours in continued friendship

Christine MacLeod