2014 – November Club night

On Thursday, 6 November, 2014, the members welcomed Dr Gerry Carruthers, Director of The Robert Burns Centre, University of Glasgow. A good friend and Past Honorary President of The Mother Club.

His subject for the evening was “Robert Burns and his Fraternal Network”.

He spoke of Burns involvement in The Bachelors Club, the Masonic Lodge and his associations with the gentry of Ayrshire, Edinburgh and later, a number of Scottish peers. Due to his education and his sociable nature he was able to befriend people easily.

Gerry also gave an incite into the centre’s current project – Editing Robert Burns for the 21st Century” and the “Oxford Edition of the Works of Robert Burns” which has recently produced ” Volume 1: Commonplace Books, Tour Journals and Miscellaneous Prose Works”.

20141106 Burns Club 005

After the customary break for tea and coffee, the members were delightfully entertained by the musicians of .Inverclyde Academy, accompanied by Alan Beck and Polly Beck on the piano.

We were entertained with Solo performances, which showed the talents of the young people and confirming that musical performance is strong amoung the young people of Inverclyde.

The evening was concluded with an appropriate Vote of Thanks from Christine MacLeod, Senior Vice-President.

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